Strength In Numbers Community
Strength In Numbers Community
Charlene Tessier

We're creating a place for coaches to attract more clients using LinkedIn

Why You Should Join The Strength In Numbers Community

  • Discover how to identify and speak to your ideal client on LinkedIn
  • Extend the reach of your small list and small following with live streaming
  • Get quick and easy tips for using live streaming to attract your ideal client
  • Be with entrepreneurs who are there to support your journey in building a successful and sustainable online business
  • Spend less time chasing clients on social media
  • Get more clients direct messaging you about your services

About Me

Hello, I'm Charlene! 

Thank you for taking the time to check out the Strength In Numbers Community.

As a Canadian living in Germany, I was able to turn a failing online business into a thriving success by using a powerful combination of two under-utilized tools: LinkedIn and Live Stream. 

With 100+ live streams, Charlene helps online entrepreneurs attract motivated prospects to their business using one or both of these tools. 

Look forward to seeing you in the community!

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